Gen V.I.P as the ultimate loyalty program to effectively maintain customer relationship. "The best customer is a loyal customer!"

Customer loyalty. Genusis understands the need for every business to build loyalty amongst its customers and has customized.

More about Gen V.I.P:

Nationwide spending on reward programs has increased throughout the years and is expected to reach RM3.5 billion by the year 2010. Of all loyalty programs, 60% are outsourced.

Research has shown that it costs seven times more to acquire a new customer compared to retaining an existing one.

Gen V.I.P is your gateway to maintaining customer loyalty and growing your business. Used as a strategic marketing tool, Gen V.I.P enables you to influence customer spending patterns through the implementation of reward schemes, and as a result, encouraging repeated transactions.

With easy setup and minimal investment costs, Gen V.I.P offers a dynamic and comprehensive system that allows you to manage a loyalty program that is attractive to both the customer and the business, creating a win-win situation!

Back-end support via the generation of reports allow for a comprehensive analysis of demographics, spending patterns, and repeat transactions which ultimately help you in planning and directing marketing activities that are targeted to your main audience.

With around the clock support from the Genusis team, value added services such as birthday and festive greetings, newsletters, SMS broadcasting and other communication collaterals are readily available to enhance your loyalty program.

So don't wait, our professional consultants are ever-ready to show you how Gen V.I.P can help your business grow today!

And just a few other reasons on why our clients choose Gen V.I.P:

- Build lasting and strengthen customer relationship.
- Gain invaluable insight on customer spending and spending patterns.
- Encourage repeat transactions.
- Reinforce value proposition and brand awareness.
- Increase customer spending.

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