Gen MMS enables you to integrate graphic, pictures, audio, or video into your messages, turning a simple message into a powerful informational tool!

Multimedia Message Service (MMS) is fast becoming one of the speediest ways to send multimedia enhanced messages that captivate readers' attentions.

More about Gen MMS:

Over 70% of phones worldwide have the ability to receive MMS messages, and this number is steadily increasing as all new mobile devices in the market now come standard equipped with picture messaging functions. What this equates to is that MMS will be the next major marketing tool!

The Multimedia Messaging Service is a modern day evolution of the Short Message Service (SMS). Apart from having a higher text limit than a standard SMS, the MMS also allows its user to include multimedia content such as pictures, audio, video and rich text.

This translates into more visual exciting messages that will captivate your audience by tingling their senses. Gone were the days of plain old boring text, these days, messages come set with sounds and sights that serve as a much more effective marketing tool.

Gen MMS provides you with all these capabilities, allowing you to send freeform texts, color images, audio clips and even short video clips, direct to your customers mobile phones. The rapid pace at which these messages are delivered make reaping the rewards of a solid marketing text all the more instantaneous!

And just a few other reasons on why our clients choose Gen MMS:

- Maximum effectiveness for competitions and brand awareness campaigns.
- Exciting content.
- Cost effectiveness.
- Instantaneous interaction.
- Targeted dissemination of information.
- Proven medium of communication.
- Direct and personal.
- Portable capabilities' can be read anytime, anyplace.
- Non-intrusive' customers can choose to view messages at time of their choice.

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