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Email Broadcasting: Get your message delivered straight to their Inbox

Gen Email enables you to simultaneously broadcast promotional or informational email messages to a large database. Communication has never been this simple!

With the usage of the internet and email becoming part and parcel of daily life.

More about Gen Email:

Email is the most effective way to connect with your users, be they office workers, teenagers or retirees. Even more important, it's an important business tool especially when you need to communicate with an audience spread out over a vast area. In today's business environment, monthly newsletters, promotional alerts and important announcements are disseminated via email, which convey more information than can be contained in an SMS.

Individuals, businesses and corporations all rely heavily on email usage in today's technology savvy environment to decimate information, communicate, and carry out business transactions. Email has grown into a powerful modern day tool that is widely accepted and hugely popular due to its ability to transmit information accurately and instantaneously.

Gen Email enables it users to automatically broadcast the same email message simultaneously, to hundreds, even thousands of destinations, making it a very powerful tool for marketing and promotional activities.

With this, information such as monthly newsletters, deadline reminders, announcements, promotional e-flyers, or even pictures, can be sent to any number of recipients instantly, with a push of a button!

Keeping things simple, Gen Email offers your virtually effort-free distribution of valuable information that is massed out at a rapid pace. All this at extremely affordable prices, helping you get the best "Bang for your Buck".

With Genusis Email Blast, you can develop personalized emails and broadcast the same email message to thousands of recipients and even include attachments, without the worry of blocked emails or ISP issues. You even get to choose how you want your messages to appear - in plain text or as full HTML.

And just a few other reasons on why our clients choose Gen Email:

- Cost Savings Zero printing cost
- Real time information delivery
- Individually generated emails
- Personalized emails salutations, etc.
- Lowest price guaranteed
- Full reports after each campaign
- No hardware required. Infrastructure located at Genusis
- Ability to include attachments
- No software purchase required
- No more blocked emails or ISP (Internet Service Provider) issues

A cost-effective and efficient means of communication, Genusis Email Blast doesn't require additional hardware or software - the infrastructure is located at Genusis.

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