Communication On the Go

Talk to your customers and vice versa with our 2-Way SMS!

2-WAY SMS with the ability to send and receive SMS replies on the go, you can now take your business to the next level!

Getting ahead means keeping on top of things. 2-WAY SMS provides users with direct access to the ability to distribute and access information through a wireless platform.

More about 2-WAY SMS:

In today's competitive business environment, staying on top of things is paramount. 2-WAY SMS is built specifically to cater to Small and Medium Enterprises that require mobility.

There's nothing more challenging than trying to stay connected with your customers all the time, but with 2-way SMS, you get to save both time and money doing just that!

2-WAY SMS is a messaging solution that provides its users with distribution and access to information capabilities via an affordable wireless platform.

This nimble yet powerful device has the option of sending out bulk SMS messages to customers, enabling instant distribution of information. In addition to that, replies from your customers are directly transferred to your portable device in which all incoming texts are stored in the Inbox function.

You can now access information on-the-go and make critical decisions to business plans and goals to cater to feedback from your customers, ultimately benefiting your business!

The portable device features various security measures to keep your information safe, and ultimately securing the privacy of your customers. Each message sent is tracked, and delivery reports ensure you know the progress of each transmission.

2-WAY SMS areas of application:

- Financial Services Industry and Insurance Industry.
- Credit Card Fraud Protection.
- Stock Alerts.
- Hotel Room Rates and Availability.
- Stock Quotes and Trading.
- Service Reminders.
- Unit Trust, Forex and Interest Rate Enquiries.
- Leisure and Hospitality Industry.
- Restaurants.
- Public Services.
- Taxes and Summons Reminders.
- Gaming.
- Automotive Industry.
- Announcements.

This service allows you to interact more with your audience as it enables you to create contests and surveys, and compile customer feedback. This way, you get to communicate with your customers en masse, and it's so easy for them as they can respond on the go from their mobile phones! This service provides the same assurances as our Bulk Messaging System, providing message tracking and confirmation of delivery while protecting your privileged information and that of your customers.

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