Gen Fax - most cost effective solution for broadcasting via fax , enables you to reach customers in one go without having to manually resend the same fax again and again.

Facsimile Machines are now a necessity in every office, and widely available in households as well. Gen Fax provides the most simple and cost effective solution for broadcasting via fax. Now you're able to reach thousands of customers in one go without having to manually resend the same fax again and again.

More about Gen Fax:

Facsimile Machines have long been a staple of speedy information transfer between user and customer. Information is instantly sent via phone lines and printed in hard copy on the recipients end, making data transfer simple and efficient.

Gen Fax is part of a large and sophisticated messaging network that enables you to transmit large volumes of fax messages to hundreds, and even thousands of customers.

With reliable infrastructure that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can transmit information effortlessly, freeing up precious man-hours, and ultimately helping you save on unnecessary expenses.

Gen Fax delivers on its promise of no busy signals and no down-time. What this means is that your customers will be receiving information the instant it is transmitted!

Send it now or send it later, Gen Fax offers services such as fax storage and scheduled transmissions, making it easier for you to choose what time of day your customers receive your fax message.

And just a few other reasons on why our clients choose Gen Fax:

- Cost Savings Reduced printing costs
- Real time information delivery
- Reduce labor expenses
- No software required
- Training provided
- Easy to use Contact Phonebook
- Intelligent Retry Function reducing manual work
- Prominent delivery information
- Comprehensive delivery reports

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